TSM Confinement Nanny Agency is founded by two experienced mothers with 3 and 4 children, respectively. We were experienced mothers,know the needs of mothers during the confinement period and hence have decided to provide confinement nanny services to meet the needs of these mothers.

To reduce the hassle of planning for confinement, we provide a one-stop service to our customers. We want our customers to focus on recuperating and replenishing their bodies during confinement by leaving all the arrangementsof sourcing for a good and reliable nanny including the application, collection and termination of the nannies’ work permitsto us.

We also bring our nannies to the customers’ doorstep to ensure the nannies reach our customers’ place on time to service them as soon as possible.

Our call centre is on standby 24 hours daily and 365 days a year regardless of weekends or public holidays. Our consultants will provide door to door consultation services and deposit collection for your convenience.

Please contact us to find out more about our confinement services!