1Why do I need a confinement nanny?
Confinement nanny will take care newborn baby while mummy need time to recuperate. Newborn baby need feeding almost every 2 hours. Mummy might not have enough energy to wake up so frequently. Furthermore, first time mummy especially need to have a confinement nanny around to take care baby and guide the mummy anytime. This will reduce the anxiety of mummy and daddy.
2What is the different for booking confinement nanny through agency or recommended freelancer?
Booking through agency is more secure, they will ensue nanny arrival, applying nanny work permit, buying nanny insurance, sending nanny to your house. Recommended freelancer usually incurred higher charges, employer need to liaise with nanny for all the term and condition. More importantly, agency will have replacement when employer find the nanny not suitable.
3When should I start to book a nanny?
Recommended after first trimester when the fetus stable
4Why choose TSM?
TSM offer reasonable price with reliable nannies and services.
5Do I get to choose the nanny?
You can choose your nanny base on the review or friend’s recommendation but subject to availability of the nanny
6Will you recommend me an experienced nanny
Yes, all our nannies are experienced at least 5 years.
7How do you ensure the experience of your nannies?
Through interview and test. We always get feedback from our customers for our nannies service. We always keep on improving to serve our customer better.
8Can I appoint a nanny whom my friend recommended me?
Yes, subject to availability base on your EDD
9How if the nanny assigned to me not suitable?
You are entitled to have replacement without additional charges
10Any hidden cost other than the price informed by agency
11Do I need to apply nanny work permit?
No need, its agency scope of work
12Can the nanny speak English?
Yes, but not all can speak English. You need to specify it to agency.
13Can I extend the nanny service after she start work?
Yes, please inform agency and it is subject to the availability during your booking. Agency could have schedule task for the nanny so please book as early as possible.
1414. How do I know whether an agency possess the mandatory Ministry of Manpower License or not?
You can check through EA Directory