We are specialized in elderly and infant care. We one of the participating employment agencies from AIC which support the elder carer foreign domestics worker (FDW) scheme which allows you to hire a FDW who is pre-trained in looking after seniors. For infant care need, we do provide internal training to helpers whose main scope are caregiver for infant.

Other than that, we are member of AEAS which always act as mediator party for issues arising between employers and FDW.
We are accredited agency from Indonesia and Philippine embassy as well.

Our FDW are from three main nationalities which are Indonesia, Filipino and Myanmar. We always advice the most suitable nationality accordingly base on employers expectation if they do not have preference.


  • Work Permit Application and cancellation
  • Insurance Purchasing
  • Medical Check-Up
  • Permit Renewal
  • Passport Renewal
  • Counselling
  • Direct Hire
  • Air Ticket Purchasing
  • Lodging for Transferred FDW
  • Transport & Escort Service for FDW

We will match you the right candidate according to your job scope, you can go to Search Maid and input your criteria. We will get back to you within a day.